Back Online

I am back online after a year. My previous employer did not allow blogging or code contributions, but that's behind me now so I am free to do what I want.

I actually debated whether or not to start writing again, but I found that I actually missed it over the past year. Blogging takes a lot of time and you rarely (if ever) get praise for it. On the positive side, it kept me on task and focused on learning new and exciting things at a much quicker pace.

The blogsphere is getting crowded, so if you can think of any topics you want covered by all means let me know. I am always up for suggestions, but rarely (if ever) get feedback from readers. If I know nothing about your suggestion I will learn about it. That's the fun part about having a blog.

I created a GitHub repo where people can submit blog ideas as issues. You can submit them here. This will give me a running list of ideas to write about.

Everything seems to be incident response and malware related these days since it's all the buzz so maybe I can get creative and find some other areas to write about.

I will write some new posts over the next few days. I am in the process of moving across the country.