What is Modafinil?

Modafinil was an analeptic drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical corporation Cephalon. It was approved by the FDA for treatment of narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

I say was, because while these reasons may have been the sole purpose of the development and manufacturing of Modafinil originally, it has evolved into somewhat of a “smart-drug”.

“Smart-drugs” has become somewhat of a buzz word thats been thrown around a lot lately, another term for nootropics. Smart-drugs simply refer to drugs that have memory, cognitive, and intelligence enhancing properties and capabilities.

Modafinil has become a popular smart-drug for having these properties.

Benefits of Modafinil include:

  • Reduced Sleepiness
  • Improved Cognition
  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Concentration
  • Increased Wakefulness / Alertness
  • Increased Motivation
  • Increased Attention

In many cases, Modafinil has even been reported having anti-depressant effects, positive effects on those with ADHD, and creating an overall sense of well-being.

Modafinil, unlike other popular “smart-drugs” (such as Adderall and Ritalin), is non-addictive.

The Facts

So now you’re probably thinking, wow, those are some pretty big claims. Well, their not claims, they’re actually facts proven through extensive clinical research, testing, and trials.

Dont believe me? Would you believe me if I told you that the U.S. Military has been employing the use of Modafinil on it’s troops?

For years now they’ve been doing so, over the traditional use of amphetamines. The troops take Modafinil in combat situations and when facing sleep deprivation.

Not only that, Modafinil has been approved for the use of the U.S. Air Force on certain missions. In testing, pilots would take their Modafinil, and be able to perform just as accurately and precise, even while facing long periods of sleep deprivation.

Go ahead, do the research yourself. It’s all there on Wikipedia.

So why isn’t this drug everywhere? Why isn’t everyone taking it?

Well, it’s simple.

Modafinil is a prescription drug. While it may have all these amazing off-label uses, while being incredibly safe to use with no addiction and abuse potential, it doesn’t matter. You still cannot be prescribed a drug for off-label use, even if its perfectly safe.

You can’t just walk into your doctors office and tell them why you want Modafinil, they cannot, and will not prescribe it to you.

Not only that, if you were prescribed Modafinil, in the U.S., Canada, and UK, Modafinil manufacturing and sales are still controlled by Cephalon, even with their patent on the drug expired, making it extremely expensive. Something around $8 a pill. Even with insurance, this is very expensive, which is why many people prescribed Modafinil order it from overseas for a much more reasonable price.

I’m Working To Solve This Problem

I’ve seen prices range from around $2 a pill to as low as $.99 a pill on the web from reputable online pharmacies. No prescription required. Like anything, it all depends on how much you buy and discounts of course.

However, these pharmacies can be hard to find.

That’s why I created this site, to help people find the best possible prices for Modafinil from reputable online pharmacies. The only pharmacies I recommend are safe, reliable, discreet, and fair.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Cephalon, they developed a great drug, but their extremely greedy and what they charge for their brand of Modafinil, Provigil, is outrageous.

I don’t understand how the average person can afford it, even with insurance. It’s ridiculous. Even with Cephalon’s patent on Modafinil expired, they continue to pay off other manufacturers and suppliers to keep them from producing their own much cheaper generic versions…

Provigil is so expensive, many people who have real medical conditions, and actually use Modafinil for label use, can’t afford it.

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Male Extra Review – Does Male Extra Work?

Male enhancement is becoming one of the most talked-about topics to date, as more and more men are becoming more open with their problems.  There are thousands of products circulating that promote male enhancement for men who find themselves lacking in some aspects in terms of sexual performance.  There have been a lot of programs, medical procedures, and other things that promote the enhancement of the male organ, as well as a man’s libido to make sure that the man will be able to perform better in bed.  This is why it is not that surprising anymore to see that there are more and more products popping everywhere that promote male enhancement, and of those is Male Extra

What is Male Extra? 

Male Extra is one of the products that have been released in the market for the men who wish to enhance their penises – in terms of size and duration, read more about it on https://thefreehreportonpsu.com/male-extra-review/.  It is an all-natural program that focuses on male enhancement, to provide more intense erections and also to enlarge the size of the penis up to 3 inches.  The product consists of 2 parts: the regimen and natural supplement. These have to be used at the same time in order to gain maximum results and the size could be reached within the expected period.  The product has also been noted to help increase a man’s stamina.

Learn More About Male Extra Ingredients and How it Works? 

The product is known to help increase penis width and length, as well as stamina.  The 1500mg pills contain the following ingredients: flaxseed, maca, ginseng, L-arginine, Pomegranate elliac (70%), Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, and a lot more.  A lot of these potent ingredients actually promote better blood flow towards the penis, which would then promote harder erections.  Other ingredients increase libido and help males perform better in bed and have longer-lasting erections.  This product has been noted to have only organic ingredients, which is good. Pros According to a lot of customers, the advantages of using Male Extra would include the following:

The product consists of only organic and natural ingredients.  There are no hidden chemicals that could be harmful to the user.

Men could control their ejaculations better.

The results are fast – men get the added girth and length that they want in a short amount of time.

There is no age limit as to who could use the product.

The results are permanent. Cons There are only a few disadvantages that were mentioned by previous users. One, the product is quite expensive compared to other male enhancement products. Two, it is only available online, and three, it comes from UK-based company which means that shipping areas are limited. Overall, a lot of men who have tried this product say that every penny they spent on this product is worth it.  Since it is an all-natural type of regimen, the men do not have to worry about developing any unwanted effects on their body brought about by synthetic materials.  To those who are not satisfied with their results, the company offers a money-back guarantee.  This just goes to show that the company is indeed very positive that its product is effective.

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All You Need To Know About MobileGo Reddit

The way of MobileGo is considered by different types of individuals. It is offering services related to lots of factors. All these factors are becoming helpful in several ways. With it, the people are able to avail its services for different types of purposes. By choosing the way of MobileGo Reddit and related discussions, the interested ones can get proper information.

In the discussions, the gamers or other individuals are focusing on lots of factors. These factors are related to the services provided by the source and some other elements. With all these things, the source is mainly facilitating the gamers.

Types of services

Everyone is trying to know that which kinds of services provided by the platform are. There are three types of products or services provided by the MobileGo. In the upcoming details, I’m going to mention them all.

  • Exchange of in-game content

Many gamers are making investments when it comes to play in an effective manner. They are paying money for buying the in-game content. For such a kind of task, everyone is finding a secure and perfect platform. Here, the way of this particular one can be considered.

It is the only way, by which the players are able to pay money for exchanging things. Due to all these factors, the trading place is considered as the third party market. In the market, the transactions are taking place from the gamer to gamer. For all these transactions, you can choose the way of MobileGo tokens.

  • Match play

When it comes to play the matches, then the individuals need to be focused on lots of factors. Some players are trying to compete with other ones. For such a task, they are finding the best source and arrange the gamer to gamer matcher.

The platform is providing such services effectively. With it, you are able to participate in MobileGo Reddit discussions for getting more information about these specific sources.

  • E-Sports

In the game industry, the tournaments are playing the most important role. These tournaments are tagged with lots of prizes. The users of MobileGo can form or start these types of specific tournaments without any kind of issues. In case anyone wants to compete in the tournaments only then he/she can easily do. By winning these tournaments, the gamers can easily earn a good amount of money as victory reward.

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What to look while considering Porn Websites?

Watching porn videos is important to enhance sexual mood and sensitivity. No doubt, all we want to spend some free time in an effective way to watch exciting intimate scenes and remove the brain stress. Most people get depressed from their work, and that becomes the reason that porn is an integral part of everyone life. You can use internet websites and watch purely free stuff with long durable videos. It will make you attract with sexual body parts that enhance due to the change of hormones as it is a sign of erection.

While looking at websites, you should check out the ratings and public reviews so that they can ensure the effectiveness of it. If you are looking best online porn website, then https://privates.tv/ will play an integral role for your desired stuff. They are providing high quality pictures, long and short videos with experience and good personality actors. You will really get enjoy with the best experience. However, it will release your stress and can feel relax. Here, the article will show some more information that will be mentioned below.

Essential things to be noted

Following are some points that will make you alert while choosing the best porn website for porn videos.

  • Reviews and rating: At that time, when you are looking for effective websites then make sure there could be high rating and positive feedback from viewers. That will make you ensure the effectiveness of the online website. Somehow, reviews will also tell you the experience of viewers as it is better to watch or not.
  • Actors and durability: Are actors are experienced in their field? If so then you should go with porn videos and get it enjoyed. Mostly websites are providing long durable videos with a lot of impressive graphics. All such things make the video excited, excellent and most considerable to watch regularly with the best experience.
  • Quality: It must be quality in the form of effective actors and location. The high definition makes the video impressive and preferable. Nowadays, websites operators are well concerned with impressive locality, video proposal to make their website better at all.

If you will follow all such points then make sure you will obtain the best experience with porn sites. However, you should check the rating and then download the video.

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How to Take Tadalafil 20mg Dosage Carefully?

Tadalafil is an oral medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and one can one can prevent from discomfort. Nowadays, people are getting such similar issues that will make difficult to satisfy their sexual needs. The weak and tired penis is also being responsible for reacting in the form of infection to the whole body with some serious disease. That’s why; it is must to consume Tadalafil 20mg in accordance with your health condition.

Tadalafil comes in 5mg 10 and 20 mg. Doctors always prescribed 20 mg dosage because it has the efficiency to remove wrong gestures and treat ED effectively.Many times, patients feel pain in the flow of urine due to erectile dysfunction that can lead to swelling and bleeding. You should take under the vision of doctors and get the best perception of them. Generally, Tadalafil helps to relax the muscles when there is an increase of blood vessel to the penis and other parts of the body.

Things to know

Following are some points that might be responsible for telling you the safe usage of tadalafil medicine. It will be an effective dose for erectile dysfunction

  • Strong erection: Tadalafil can relax the muscles after the safe consumption. It is under the brand name of cialis that has the efficiency to treat erectile dysfunction and make it possible to perform sexual activities better. Generally, everyone wants to satisfy their needs. That’s why Tadalafil helps to make strong erection and reduce the risk in the flow of urine.
  • Blood flow: Secondly, if you are going to take Tadalafil medicine then you should always take consult with doctors. They will tell you the way of usage and what things should we avoided at the time of medication. However, Tadalafil helps to increase the flow of blood that can attract to penis muscles. It will become a sign of recovery if you follow the guidelines.
  • Check out duration: It is important to check out the durability of dosage before taking Tadalafil. It may concern with the period that doctors have prescribed. It will ensure you in the form of expiry and manufactured date so that you should take according to it.

Hence, the results will come in the perfect way if you consume tadalafil medicine in the way of prescription by doctors. In case, if you get any issue, then you should always take the advice from doctors and have the best experience with tadalafil.

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How to Overcome From Porn Addiction?

It is important to get over come from the excessive watching habit of porn videos. Most of the time, people are making concern with videos and kinds of stuff as they feel some difficulties in their life. It may include a sudden change in intention and behaviour towards a society with their addictive habits.

You should get various category videos after considering the website ylmp111 and get lots of exciting stuff. You will able to satisfy your wants and have a beautiful experience with them. Secondly, you always make remember in your mind that if you watch porn in a limited way, then it will surely become possible to get overcome from porn addiction and can live a better sex life. in the post, you will find some responsibility, and everyone should pay attention and get effective results.

What to do?

Following are some points that everyone should pay attention and have a safe experience with watching porn habits.

  • Avoid extreme use of the internet: It is important to void too much use of gadgets and internet from where you watch porn videos. If you are really conscious about your life and health condition, then make sure your habits will change your lifestyle and the attitude towards watching excessive porn videos.
  • Give time to your partner: If you are in a relationship with your partner then you should avoid the use of watching porn, or you can watch in the limit. It is because a strong relation always requires spending some time rather than using electronic gadgets. However, it will improve your bonding and trusteeship with each other.
  • Change your intentions: You always make sure that an effective and positive intention can make your personality better. After watching porn videos, it seems that the body language and attitude of individuals react badly in front of society. The wrong intention of talking might be responsible for the happening of uncertainty. Always remain simple and kind for all.

If you want to overcome from porn addiction, then this above mentioned point may be suitable to tell you the way to live better without concerning too much porn videos. In case, if you are not able to get relief, then you may go with the advice from a psychiatrist so that they can create the solution of your problem.

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Semenax reviews reveal that women too are ecstatic with this product

As Semenax makes waves with great results of overall improvement in the look, feel and power of the male penis, more and more women are contributing to their experiences in Semenax reviews from http://www.thesemenax.com/. The longer staying power, the harder erectile function and longer contractions that spill out that much more semen makes Semenax supplements a much sought after product.

The professionals at Albion Medical in North America have really bent over backwards in formulating this proprietary product, which makes the sexual act exponentially wild and euphoric with the combination of 100% natural and herbal supplements. One tablet a day is the recommended dose. The effects of the tablet are “felt” within a few days but for maximum results, the suppliers suggest that Semenax is taken for at least 3 months to feel and see the difference. The propagators of this product offer a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. It is no wonder then that they are able to offer exclusive discounts with free bonus gifts for their product.

Most of the Semenax reviews are from men who have crossed the age of forty and have had problems with lessening sex drives and semi-flaccid erections. When the growth hormones in the body start waning, the body lacks the energy and vigor as the protein levels are depleted. Herbal supplements, like Semenax, promote overall efficiency as the ingredients stimulate the flagging hormones and boost the metabolism rate of protein, carbohydrate and fat in the body. The result is an awakening desire for indulging in all sexual activities again.

A regular use of these herbal supplements, according to Semenax reviews, reawakens the man in you and kindles those erstwhile flames to keep the woman in your life joyous and on her toes again. The increased volume of semen, which protects the sperm, may even increase the fertility in the male who wishes to procreate, while driving his woman insane with the doubled and tripled contractions amplified, due to the extra load of semen. Women now urge their men to stock up on Semenax supplements to ensure “smooth and nerve-tingling” lovemaking.

Semenax reviews confirm that both parties benefit mutually with this herbal product. Since no side effects have been reported, it is safe to assume that Semenax could be a daily advocate to a long and lasting relationship.

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Watching Porn – Some Interesting Facts

Most of the individuals are interested in watching porn and some other factors. On the other hand, some people are completely against all these things. They are not in favor of watching porn. According to these ones, it does not make any kind of beneficial or useful source.

In reality, porn is associated with lots of benefits. It starts affecting the mental or physical health of the individuals those are addicted. These types of viewers are spending lots of time on watching the content. PUSSYSAGA is available with lots of porn related content. Following are some interesting factors.

Watch in routines

Some individuals are highly addicted to watch the porn videos. According to a survey, an addicted one is spending around 30 minutes to 3 hours. It is lots of time which spend by the individuals. As per the experts, it is not a good thing. Spending lots of time by watching porn will lead to lots of negative things and affect the mental health a lot.

Porn at office

When it comes to porn addiction, then some addicted ones are thinking of porn every time. With it, they are trying to download the content when they get free time or proper opportunity. As per the experts and the result of surveys, many individuals are considering its way in the office.

Mainly the offices are providing free internet services to the employees. The porn addicts are taking its advantage and try to download the content. For these types of people, PUSSYSAGA is appearing as the best option.

Porn at school or college

As we know that the education system is getting advanced with the day to day activities. The education institutes are providing different types of facilities to the students for better education. Some students are addicted to porn, and they are using these sources for fulfilling the addiction.

It cannot be considered as a good thing. A school is a place where you go for getting knowledge and some important lessons. Considering the way of porn there may create lots of issues. In case the students get caught then it may become a reason for life spoiling results.

Final verdict

In the above-mentioned factors, you are able to get knowledge about some factors related to the porn addicts. You should not do these types of things. Watching can be a beneficial thing if there are some limits.

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Spend Less Here MORE Here

Now that most of us Moms are tightening our belt as we ride the financial rollercoaster, (or is it more like riding Drop Zone?) we are spending less time at the mall shopping. What are you doing with the time you used to spend on accumulating THINGS?

I hope you are using that time on other things such as personal growth, (now is a great time to learn to face change bravely) and building your relationship with your loved ones. I’ll address personal growth for moms in my next blog. Today, let’s look at your relationship with your daughter.

First, some mom’s are saying they feel guilty over not being able to provide things as they used to for their daughters. This is understandable. There is great joy in being able to give our girls things that make them happy. The problem is, most of us are conditioned to think of and measure happiness in terms of possessions.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a toy chest brimming with goodies. This is a good time to help your daughter learn about self-fulfillment through other means than accumulating things. It’s a good time for you to learn how to unplug from the belief that things buy happiness.

Second, if you are used to showing your daughter how much you love her by giving her things, it may be very challenging to replace the shopping with a meaningful expression of affection. This is a fabulous time to learn how to be with your daughter in a way that she feels loved and accepted by you. Start by just having some simple conversations with her. Become curious about who she is, what her dreams are. Get to know her! But, be careful! Make sure you are listening and not lecturing, or giving unasked for advice when she talks. Simply listen and let her truth be her truth.

Third, go play. PLAY is a vital ingredient for your teens growing brain, yet play is disappearing in our culture. Reconnect your daughter back to fun things that can make her use her imagination or make her giggle. I have a whole book (I’m writing it as fast as I can!) of free or inexpensive things you can do with your daughter so she feels loved and her brain grows. Way too much to blog about. If you want more ideas and tips please email me. I am also creating a teleseminar for moms about free or inexpensive things to do to help your daughter.

Showing love doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. It means spending time. Giving from your heart, not from your wallet. It means being brave enough to face the changes going on in the world and to make some changes in your relationships. Money comes and goes. Love lasts forever.

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Parenting Teens

I had a discussion today with a father of two 20 something daughters. He felt that parenting teens today doesn’t seem to be a big deal. He didn’t seem to see that the changes in technology and the sexually saturated culture make it harder for parents. In fact, he felt the lyrics of sexually aggressive songs sung by women showed that the singers are “empowered.” His logic is that the women singing about wanting just sex from guys shows that they are in control and can have who they want. “They are empowered to say yes or no,” he said. 

It was all I could do not to giggle. I guess he didn’t get the memo that women have always had the power to say yes or no to sex, unless they were raped or otherwise assaulted. Frankly, I don’t get how sexual promiscuity equals “empowerment.” I can understand how guys think it’s great that it is so easy these days to have sex. Women don’t say no like they used to. But empowerment? I don’t see how it’s empowering that a man can have a zillion sex partners. That isn’t power to me. That’s being a slave to biological urges.When did feminism get confused with taking on the worst of men’s behavior and wearing it as a badge of honor? For years, women have tried to dodge being “just used” by men. Why is it that women using men is somehow now “empowerment?” I asked him if his daughters were thirteen or fourteen again, how he would feel if they had multiple sex partners. He said he would be OK with that as long as they knew the consequences of their actions. But what young teen does?

As I sat talking to him, my cell phone was next to me as a fifteen year old girl was bereft over her boyfriend and talking about ending her life. I was being texted about the drama unfolding.

I go back to what my message to teen girls has always been about. It’s about learning how to respect yourself and others. If you feel that jumping on a bunch of guys disco sticks is self-respectful and respectful to the guys, I won’t dismiss your truth. But it’s not my truth. My sexuality is not the summation of my value. It is not the measurement of my empowerment. Earning a living in a man’s world, having a loving heart and living my own truth, is where I measure my worth. When did we all begin to believe that loveable equals “f-able?

Your thoughts?

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Self-Control Can Teens Learn It

Teens are famous for being impulsive and difficult to live with. Blame it on their raging hormones, right?

 Not totally. Their brains play a role in the behavior we label as “typical teen.”

Teens  often use the limbic system of their brain, the area responsible for in the moment survival, rather than the prefrontal cortex, the “CEO” of the brain to make decisions. The prefrontal cortex doesn’t mature until the late twenties, so it’s not a conscious choice to use a less than stellar steering wheel for their lives.

One of the new buzz words from the neuroscience world is: executive functioning. It refers to the ability to order your thoughts, put things in your short term memory for future use, and to stay on task mentally, not something teens are able to do very well these days. (Many teachers are noticing that preschoolers are starting out their educational years with less executive functioning than previous students years past.) A recent New York Times article delved into a new solution for helping preschooler have more executive function and more self-control. Read the article here. That solution can help teens learn self-control as well.

The solution? Play! But not just any type of play, but rather dramatic, pretend play. Play has been stripped from our children’s lives at school and home and replaced with a heavy load of academics, organized sports and over scheduled lives. Play has gotten a bad rap as something silly, frivolous and without merit. Yet play is the womb for brain growth, happiness, innovation, stress regulation, and learning, among other wonderful things.

Teens aren’t keen to go back to playing dress-up-lets-pretend, (which is what helps little ones learn better) but they are, believe it or not, quite happy to use their imaginations and get their hands messy.  When given the chance to use their imagination to create, teens have a better chance to learn self-control.

The challenge for parents is to learn HOW to bring play back into their teens lives and how to play along with them at times. Even preschoolers need to be directed at how to play as it has been slowly removed from our culture so you can well imagine how challenging it is to bring play into the lives of our teens.

Part of the monthly subscription covers the topic of play.

As more scientists publish the positive benefits of play, and experts bemoan the loss of play in our lives, parents have the chance to learn more.

I’ll keep you posted about the latest reseach on play and how you can ues it to be a better parent, and how it can benefit your teen daughter.

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Teen Girls COAL Burns The Brightest Relationships

Giving your daughter a lump of COAL this Christmas may be the best gift you ever give her! The acronym COAL stands for Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance and Love. It was coined by Dr. Dan Siegel to refer to a state of mind in the way you relate to you “inner child.” However, it is also a wonderful way to relate to your flesh and blood child!

When you listen to your daughter with a curious mind as to who she really is, or what she really wants you to know,  you will hear more of her truth. When you listen with an open heart that is not judgemental, you will build more trust in your relationship so she will feel she can share her truth.

When you listen with a sense of acceptance, and you don’t give unasked for advice, or tell her what she “should” do, or “should be,” you build a strong bridge between the two of you.

When you listen with love, you give your daughter your full attention, you don’t interrupt, or steal the conversation. You turn off all distractions and you give her what she needs in order to say what she wants and needs to say.

COAL is what will make your relationship burn bright, and warm for a lifetime.

I hope you’ll consider giving your daughter COAL for Christmas!

My newest book for mothers and mentors of teen girls will be available after the first of the year.

True Listening: The Essential Parenting Skill For Mothers* of Teen Girls. (*and Mentors!)  There are 52 short skills that teach you the art of True Listening with COAL in mind. You won’t have to learn all the skills,  even learning just a few will improve your relationship with your daughter. Added bonus: You will build a better relationship with yourself as well!

Happy Holidays to all the faiths. Let us each celebrate our own beliefs with open and grateful hearts this season.

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I keep Telling Her

Recently, a lot of my mail has been from moms who have shared that they have “told their daughter…” whatever the topic was about.. and the daughter is still, gasp, making the wrong choices/decisions, Dr. Jenn HOW COULD SHE??

I know. It’s tough when our daughter’s don’t “listen” to us. We know the dangers, we’ve lived through a lot of them. We want to save our daugther’s from making the same mistakes we made. But…

The BEST teachers are the ones who don’t shove their own wisdom down their student’s throats, but rather, they invite their students to find their own wisdom. Good parenting is about leading your child to the door of their OWN wisdom and encouraging them to put their hand on the door knob and turn, open the door and walk in.

Your children can’t live your truth, for the have their own. Your children can’t live your dreams. They have their own dreams. You get the point.

Parent’s who understand that their children have their own purpose, their own path and that they need to make their own mistakes, have the best chance at creating good relationships with their children.

“I told you so!” never endears your child to you. 

Let your child make a few miss steps without the guilt trip.

Stop “talking at” your child. Learn to listen instead. Stop telling your child what to do. Lead them to the door of their own internal knowledge, and gently encourage them to turn the knob.

Turning towards you child, instead of talking at, lecturing, preaching etc., is far more helpful.

Remember when YOU were a teen? I bet you had to find out things on your own, didn’t you?

Let your teen find their own way. Just don’t abandon them. Be there, but be there as support, not shame,  or not as the know it all of their lives.

Love is allowing your teen to find their own truth.

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Hot headed or Hot House Mother Quiz

Are you a Hot Headed or a Hot House                                                                                   Mother?

Take the quiz and find out.

1. When my daughter talks to me about things that make me anxious or angry, I:

a. Listen as calmly as I can. I want to know who she really is.

b. Tell her I don’t want to hear about it.

c. I walk out of the room and ignore her. She should know not to bring up certain topics with me.

2. When my daughter does something I don’t like I:

a. Discuss her behavior and help her find ways she can learn best from her mistake.

b. Tell her “I told you so!”

c. Immediately ground her, take away her cell phone, and give her a piece of my mind!

3. When I am upset over work or relationships I:

a. Understand that my daughter is not my mother and don’t burden her with adult issues.

b. I tell her what a jerk my boss, or boyfriend or her dad is!

c. I cry on her shoulder and expect her to help me solve my problems.

4. When my daughter is disrespectful of me I:

a. Do my best to understand it is part of being a teen and I don’t over react.

b. I insult her just enough so she doesn’t get too big of an ego.

c. I totally tear her up emotionally. I won’t stand for her being so sassy with me!

5. My daughter is my complete opposite:

a. I value our differences. She is her own person.

b. I do my best to get her to be more like me.

c. I don’t want much to do with her. She’s too weird!

6. I’m her mother so:

a. I know I need to help my daughter become her true self. She needs to trust me.

b. I want her to be scared of me a little, so she will do what I tell her to do. I know what’s best for her.

c. I expect her to jump when I say jump. I’ll tell her who she can be friends with and what she should be when she grows up!

7. When my daughter talks to me  and I get happy, scared or angry  I:

a. Wait for her to finish telling me everything she needs and wants to.

b. I interrupt her often and share my point of view.

c. I turn the conversation around to make it about me. I need to express myself.

8. When my daughter tells me about a problem I:

a. Listen as long as it takes for her to hear herself and find her own answers.

b. Give her advice even if she doesn’t ask for it. I’m her mother for heaven’s sake!

c. I tell her what she should do and make sure she follows up with what I tell her.

9. When my daughter talks to me I about stressful things I:

a. Listen for feelings, and ask what I can do to help.

b. I listen and worry that her problems mean I am not a good mother.

c. I tell her she shouldn’t feel the way she does and that she will feel better tomorrow.

10. When my daughter tells me something that seems out of character for her I:

a. Am truly curious as to what is true for her.

b. I roll my eyes and think, oh boy, here we go with some crazy idea she has.

c. I tell her she is off her rocker and to “get real.”

11. When my daughter tells me she is happy but she’s slumped in the chair frowning I:

a. Say what I see. I tell her I see her frowning. I ask her what that means and ask if she wants to talk about it.

b. I tell her I know she is sad and that things will get better.

c. If she wanted me to know about her feelings she would tell me so I just listen to the words and ignore her body language.

12. I think about what my truth is and what I want:

a. Often. I make those questions part of my life map.

b. I hardly ever listen to my own truth or wants.

c. I have truth and wants? You’re joking, right?

If you circled mostly c answers, you are more of a hot headed mother than a hot house mom. That means you are more prone to letting fear, worry, anxiety and ego get in the way of nurturing your blossoming daughter.

If you circled mostly with b answers, you are “warm headed, and have some control over your emotions that can get in the way of you listening to who your daughter really is.

If you circled mostly a answers, you are a hot house mother. You tend carefully to the tender shoots of your daughter growing, unfolding and blossoming into who she is meant to be.

Check your answers to question number 12. If you answered a, you self-listen fairly well. If you answered b, you might want to consider learning how to listen to your own truth and wants. If you answered C, you may want to begin exploring who you really are, and take steps to begin to know yourself better. You can extend the care and nurturing of hot house mothering to yourself.

There are no perfect mothers. Some days you may be a hot house for your daughter, with great nurturing, and the next day, be hot headed  and cold to your daughter. You may be unable to be there for her in a respectful, loving way. As long as your daughter gets more hot house care than hot headed mothering, she will bloom.

Your daughter is on loan to you from someplace we know naught about. She came through you and is here to find her own purpose, path and passion in life. Please honor her growth, till her soil, keep the weeds and pollutants from her, and listen to her as she grows. Encourage her to find her way, to grow into the most amazing woman she can possibly become. Treat her with the protection, sanctuary and nurture of hot house care.

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The Question That Answers Most Questions

If you are like most moms, you ask yourself many questions every day.  Should you get new car? A divorce? How about losing a few pounds, or adding more exercise into your life? Do you wonder if having an affair will lift your spirits? Maybe you just want to indulge in some online flirting, or sexy talk with a stranger on Craigslist because you husband isn’t attentive as he used to be. There are a thousand things we ask ourselves every day. How do you best decide what is the right answer? By asking yourself a very simple, solid question: “Is it good for the children?”

People can fool themselves when they ask, “Is this good for me?” Often we talk ourselves into believing something is good for us, even though deep down we know it may not be. Using the question, “Is it good for the children?”  is an amazingly simple tool to use to help you guide yourself through life. Let’s take a look at some real life examples.

One woman wanted a divorce from her emotionally abusive husband. Was a divorce good for the children? Usually they are not. But she had to ask, “Was it good for the children to be subjected to a very dysfunctional, cruel family system? What was best for the children?”The woman decided on a clean break, and therapy for everyone. That felt as if it were best for the children.

One woman I worked with fought a battle with diabetes. Yet she drank sodas every day. She couldn’t stop adding more sugar into her bloodstream until she asked, “Is it good for the children?” She realized she was putting her health at risk, which was not in her children’s best interest.

Can you see how this simple, elegant question can apply to so many things you as a mom face every day? If you ask yourself the question and you feel that what you are considering doing isn’t good for the children, don’t do it!

Take the question one more step beyond and use it as a guidelines for your thoughts and beliefs.. Ask the question, “Is it good for the children that I believe… or I think…” What you believe about things is passed down to your children in ways you may not even recognize. What you believe about yourself certainly gets  handed down . Is it good for the children that you feel less than, or small, or feel like a victim?  Probably not. If you know something isn’t “good for the children,” I encourage you to find the way to turn your answer around, so your thoughts, beliefs and actions, “are good for the children.”

Please note, the answer does not have to be about your own children. The answer can encompass children everywhere. We are all united on this planet. Let us not forget that our thoughts, beliefs and action ripple out and touch so many others. May you find your way to always answer, “Yes! This is good for the children.”

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