11 Healthy Diet Plans That Wont Break the Bank

The importance of dieting, for the soul, mind, spirit and body has been around for ages.

With proper diet you can lose excess weight, it is good for health to lose the weight you need to lose. There are many weight loss programs, with their modified diet plans or meal replacement strategies.

Diet refers to different things to different people. On the other side we all have to examine ourselves our eating habits and make little adjustments in those habits.

A healthy diet is typically one that is balanced. A healthy diet is one of moderation and paying attention to how many calories you burn off to how many calories you consume each day. The equation can be adjusted on both sides to suit your lifestyle. Your diet will provide the nutrition you need at every stage for function.

1. African Mango

Irvigia Gabonensis is the Latin name of a tree that produces a fruit which is similar to mango which is grown in West and Central Africa and is nicknamed as African Mango, bush mango or dika nut. It contains 26.4% carbohydrates, 14% fiber, 50% fat, and 7.5% protein. IG’s flesh is widely eaten.

2. Alkaline Diet

pH is the measure of how alkaline or acidic we are. The theory of this diet is eating certain food that can help to maintain body’s pH balance which is ideal to improve overall health.

3. Alli

This can help people to lose more weight than that a dieting alone. It is intended for overweight adults who are more than 18 years old. This is sold under the brand name of PhenQ.

4. Atkins Diet

This diet promises that you will not only loose weight but also not feel hungry. This is a low carbohydrate diet it will improve your memory function.

5. Baby Food Diet


The food for babies without teeth is mashed bananas, meats, and pureed carrots. They are the modern trend to hit Hollywood. It is a general idea to substitute baby food instead of higher calorie meals and snacks.

6. Best Life Diet

It is an effective way to improve fitness and lose weight. But it is not temporary or quick. The main goal is to transform your old exercise and eating habits into new healthier ones.

7. Big Breakfast Diet

It has been heard before “Eat dinner like a pauper, lunch like a prince and breakfast like a king”. This is the theory of the Big Breakfast Diet.

8. Biggest Loser Diet

It is a low caloric diet, and it is based on pyramid of 4-3-2-1 (ie: 4 servings of veggies and fruits, 3 of lean protein, 2 of whole grains and 1 extra).

9. Body Life Diet

This involves eating 6 small meals (healthy foods) each day for 6 days a week. The healthy food is vegetables, healthy fats, fish and whole grains.

10. The Cabbage Soup Diet

Eating a bowl of cabbage soup, with other few low caloric foods let you to loss weight quickly.

11. Cinch Diet

It is targeted to women who are aged more than 25 years. Using this diet women can definitely change their life without compromising food enjoyment.

There are different natural and artificial ways to reduce your weight. The different natural ways are discussed above but there are some artificial ways available such as Lipo Surgery etc.