Best online game available for different platform

Online games have brought a revolution in gaming industries. Online game provides a virtual environment for players to interact with each other. The online game that have been developed recently has no match of themselves in the market. Also they are addictive to play as they cover a limitless aspects of gaming. So, to make you familiar with these games we have listed down some addictive game that you cannot back-off to try your hands on.

List of super addictive games

Player unknown’s battleground – Pubg has been launched recently launched few year back. With its launch it broke the records of the playtime of many famous games like GTA V and Call of duty. It is a competitive survival game in which 100 player are entered on a map to become the last man standing. This game has been developed for mobile platform to provide players battle royal experience on mobile devices

Papa’s game – Talking about the games that are not required to be downloaded, provides you bunch of games that you can enjoy while on the go. This website has variety of games that one would love to play. Especially girls and boys of young age who like decent nonviolent games, is the best option for them.

Fortnite – Fortnite come both on windows and mobile platform to play. This game provides you the opportunity to show your creativity by building houses and framework to protect you from the enemies. This game comes in battle royale genre in which players are required to become last man standing in order to win.

Call of duty – Call of duty has a series of hit and popular games. These games has been developed over many years by many game development companies. This game was the first among the popular game like counter strike to provide online gaming experience to players. Recently COD has launched its battle royale game that has been appreciated by players all over the world.

Counter strike ­– Counter strike needs no introduction. This game provides a very competitive and strategic environment to play. The game is popular among all the professional players in the world. Also, the organisations like Nvidia and Twitch usually organise the competition among players with a handsome prize pool.

Conclusively saying, online game are far better than the offline one in terms of gameplay and interaction with other players. One feels his own identity while playing these games as these games provides series of fun and entertainment. If you want to experience the same, then you need to play these games by yourself.